Hands of Honor Update

[Hands of Honor was one of the National Missions Projects we supported in 2017-2018.  Read an update about the ministry below]

In the early years of Hands of Honor, a ministry for young female child laborers in West Africa, I was often frustrated how the women in the Christian community didn’t see the realities these girls faced as injustice. They seemed to lack compassion and often were harsh and judgmental in their response to these girls who made poor choices and now lived with the consequences.

My teammate and I tried to address the harshness in culturally appropriate ways, but we realized it was best to focus on modeling how to love and care for the girls that came through our doors.

You can imagine my joy when debriefing recently with our Christian staff about last year’s program, I realized cultural blinders had slowly been removed and these women were now seeing our girls through the eyes of Jesus.

I asked that they share some of the more challenging scenarios they’d dealt with over the past year. As they took turns sharing, there were tears as they told particularly difficult situations in the girls’ lives. There were stories of runaways but how they helped them reconnect with their worried families. There were stories of girls who became pregnant and quit coming to class, but they sought them out not to shame them but to offer help.

At one point, our staff became quite vocal and heated as they began to discuss how they needed to be more proactive with parents about discouraging child marriages. I honestly felt as if I was sitting in a room full of mama bears defending and protecting their cubs! My heart was stirred to see the deep compassion they felt for these girls that were entrusted into their care.

For many of the girls that come to us, these staff members are some of the first to ever express concern or defend them against injustice. Often, these women are also the first Christ-followers they’ve ever met. It’s been amazing to see hearts respond to the gospel as the girls are introduced to Jesus through storying through the Bible and tangibly seeing His love in action.

Eve was one of two girls this past year in Hands of Honor who made the bold decision to leave their majority religion and become a follower of Jesus. Remarkably, she received permission from her employer to begin attending a local Alliance church. She’s grown in her new faith but still faces a difficult road ahead. Recently, her father called her to come home as he’d arranged a marriage for her. Pray for God to intervene and give boldness to our staff as they interact with her parents to persuade them to allow her a different option for her future.

God has raised up these incredible women and has given them eyes to see and hearts to respond to the hurts and needs of the vulnerable in their own communities. Are you willing to do the same? May God continue to use His people to see lives transformed from the inside out!

Faithful followers!

Here at Great Commission Women, we are all about discipleship!  Jesus says “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matt 28:18-20)

We want you to connect with Jesus and bring that light to others!  Here’s an opportunity – both United States and overseas sites.  Envision does all the hard work for you and makes sure you are able to connect with ministries around the world.  Check out a great article they wrote below

~Great Commission Women Team

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Looking for affordable 2019 trip options?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time already to start thinking about 2019!

We know that next year is shaping up to be busy for the Alliance family – with events like LIFE and Council coming up. And these events have price tags and opportunity costs. Does this mean that a 2019 missions trip is out of the question?

We believe that one of the most accessible and affordable opportunities to serve cross-culturally, connected to a local church, is actually right here in the U.S. While we’d love for you to consider an international trip for next year, we’ve also got eight domestic sites (most likely at least one within driving distance!) where you can get plugged in to serve and pour out, after being filled up together alongside the Alliance family next summer.

Check out our sites in:
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All of our domestic trips are a flat rate of $475, which includes all lodging, meals, ministry costs, and ground transportation while serving at the site. Once you get there, everything is taken care of! We want to make this easy for you.

Here’s what some of our trip participants are saying:

“A lot of mission trips I have been on before I have just done little projects and you don’t really see the impact. But in Providence, we were literally able to see how the projects we did had a kingdom changing impact.”
[Providence]”I knew that the Holy Spirit was with us on this trip, and I could see Him move in my heart and those I encountered. I loved every minute of this trip.”
[Twin Cities]”I was most encouraged seeing our students be bold in listening to the Spirit and seeing them meet God. Their eyes were opened.”

“I have a new perspective on what it means to count the cost to follow Christ, am encouraged in the role I play in God’s body, & believe that God is growing in me His heart for refugees.”

“It was Christian & Missionary Alliance DNA and an intercultural experience in a domestic environment!”

If you’re ready to start planning, let’s start the conversation today!

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*reprinted with permission from weareenvision.com