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  • Be Prepared to StopBE PREPARED TO STOP

    Imagine you’re riding a bicycle on a beautiful mountain back-road. You’re coming down a steep hill, going about 35 miles an hour, and you see that there’s a stop sign right at the bottom. What would happen if you waited until you reached the stop sign to slam on the brakes? Well, the best-case scenario (the one with no cross-traffic) would have you skidding to a stop somewhere in the middle of the intersection, or beyond it.

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  • UpdateUPDATE: Ina-Inakay, one of our recent mission projects

    Where are you now with the farm land for ladies released from prison and in need of a safe home? Is the place liveable?” A great question with a solid answer! “We’re on the way now to making it a welcoming and loving home!” We’ve set up temporary housing in bamboo prefab houses and bathrooms now with sinks and a kitchen. Our first lady arrives at our new site within a few weeks.

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  • doubly blessedDoubly Blessed

    I awoke on the morning of April 17, thinking about my mother. It was her birthday. Although we reside in the same town, I was traveling that week and had to settle for a brief text message: “Good morning! Happy Birthday! Love you!” Each sentiment was “enhanced” with the proper emoticons.

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  • stories from the field cama orphan projecrtStories from the Field CAMA Orphan Project

    Thanh is thankful to CAMA for supporting her and her younger sister, Linh, with school tuition and rice so that they can continue school. Now a senior, Thanh hopes to pass a college-entrance exam in summer 2018. She wants to become a teacher and return to her village to teach disadvantaged children like herself.

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