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  • A Resting Place

    Awa, a West African refugee, found herself alone in the United States. Recently divorced and without any family support, she was homeless and desperate. She described how she felt that God was distant and malevolent. She was searching for hope and answers in all sorts of places without much success. My friend, Fatou, a believer from West […]

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  • Set Free – Live Free

    God has such a sense of humor. Here we are locked up in a pandemic, and our Alliance Women’s theme for 2020-2021 is Set Free—Live Free. Some may not find that funny, but I smiled at the irony—How can we be set free and live free while in a pandemic? Life has many confinements—places where […]

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  • Venezuela Refugees: Bogotá, Colombia

    After years of worsening economic conditions and increasing violence, millions of Venezuelans have had to make the difficult decision to leave their home country and seek refuge elsewhere. Today, more than four million Venezuelans have fled their home country, with most of them living in Colombia. CAMA has been partnering with the Colombian Alliance in […]

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  • Moved by Tears

    The world is crying out. Do you hear it?

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