Rise Up and Use Your Skill for the Lord

In April 2016, I stepped into the role of Northeastern District Alliance Women director. At the time, I felt like I was in over my head and often wondered, “What did I get myself into?” But I had a desire to serve the Lord, and I did have administrative and leadership skills. I had a heart for missions and a heart for women. I knew the Lord had called me to this ministry, and I could see the many ways He had prepared me, so I trusted that He would fill in the gaps.

Over the course of the past several years, I have sensed God coming alongside me and giving me an ability beyond my natural ones to lead in this district. There have been times when I’m at a loss of how to proceed in something, but as I pray and depend on the Lord, He gives me a new idea and a fresh way to approach a situation.

            In Exodus 36:1–2 we read that Moses called all the skilled workers to put their talent and abilities to work on the temple. But they weren’t just dependent upon their natural talent. The text tells us that the Lord gave them wisdom, which is translated skill and understanding, in how to use it in the work of constructing the temple. Verse two says that they were moved to come and do the work by following their calling and that God placed the skill within their heart so they could go above and beyond their natural ability.

He does the same for each of those He calls. When we depend upon our own talent and ability, we often can go far. But when we ask the Lord to enable us to use our God-given talent and skill, He infuses it with His power, and we can do things far greater than we would on our own. As we trust Him to use our gifts wherever He calls, and we are willing vessels in His hands, we can use our abilities and gifts in a way that is above and beyond what we could have done if were operating from a place of self-sufficiency.

If God has placed a call upon you, He will equip you. Be willing, be dependent on Him, be confident that He will provide all you need for the task ahead.