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  • Rise Up in Peace

    Experiencing God's forgiveness causes our lives to be transformed, and we are healed, freed, renewed, and restored for the glory of His name.

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  • Rise Up Like Hannah

    The name Hannah is a palindrome because it is read the same backwards and forwards. Like her palindrome name, she demonstrated her steadfast faith when she was feeling down and in anguish and when she was rejoicing after receiving an answer to her prayers. Hannah was a faithful woman no matter which way you look […]

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  • Bold Steps of Faith

    I was desperate for healing, so I took bold steps of faith, which led me, without shortcuts, to the only source of freedom and peace—my Lord Jesus.

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  • Rise Up with your YES

    To hear God speak so clearly, she must have tuned her ear to listen for His voice, to respond to His commands. She must have said yes to Him time and time again before she said yes in this big moment.

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