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Paraguay Youth Camp Ministry: Kathy’s Story

Kathy is a high school student who had an opportunity to attend youth camp for the first time this year. When asked about what she hopes to gain from camp, she explained:

Last year I had the chance to attend the Alliance Women retreat and spend time with other ladies. I’d love the chance to do the same with young people my own age who have the same goal—to seek God and know more about Him. That’s why I want to go to youth camp—through attending camp, I hope to be set free.

There are times when teenagers feel frustrated, angry, or stressed by so many different things. So, I want to spend time reflecting on these things, and I want to learn more about God, more about Christ—and to also have fun!

Sometimes I feel a great helplessness when I see so many young people without God and without the desire to know Him. For economic reasons, many of them don’t have the opportunity to go to a camp. This is where I feel powerless. I don’t know how to help them; I want them to know that they are not alone, that there is a great and glorious God who helps and protects us. 

Alliance workers in Paraguay report, “Our teen camp went extremely well! We had a total of 98 students, leaders, cooks, and other helpers. Please pray for a lasting impact in the lives of our teens.”

Your gift to Alliance Women will help finance future youth camps and other ministries in Paraguay.


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