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Bathed in Prayer

The Alliance is launching a new team to Africa in May 2023! About four years ago, our aXcess regional team started praying about where God wanted us to go next. Through months of prayer, we started feeling a pull towards a specific African nation—a place that is in desperate need of the gospel with very few believers. Two probe trips were sent, one in spring 2021 and the other in fall 2021. We continued to pray on a weekly basis during our regional prayer meetings for God’s leading and at other times as well. We really wanted to bathe this in prayer and be very open to how the Holy Spirit was leading. 

Making a Pivot

The Alliance had to make the difficult decision to withdraw a team from another country due to security issues. Slated to begin work was a highly specialized doctor and her husband, along with their six children. Our decision to withdraw meant a change in course for this family. We asked the couple to begin praying about a place of service, including this new one. On our probe trips, we discovered medical work as being a possible avenue for entrance into this country. After much prayer and conversation, the couple felt the calling of God upon them to go to this creative-access nation. The need for someone to join them to help with their children’s education became another subject of prayer. 

Growing the Team

In fall 2022, another couple responded to the need and are in the process of raising funds for a two-year commitment, along with their son, to join this family in launching our first team in this nation! The lead couple will be arriving in May 2023. They will be received by three Alliance team developers who will assist them in country for the first month—finding them a home, setting up language study, and helping them make important connections with those in-country. Everyone will also be preparing for the arrival of the second family who will join the team in August 2023, in time to start the school year for the children. The lead couple will then start two years of full-time language study. 

A Place of Peace

Launching into a new place is logistically challenging. There are many unknowns, but we are convinced that God has opened this door and will continue to lead! As we dream about how God is going to work in this nation, we are hoping that the land we purchase will be known as a place of peace where people can find someone who cares about them and is eager to introduce them to the good news! We also hope that we will be able to install a well on this property that will provide water not only for the property, but potentially for others in that neighborhood. 

Please pray that God will lead us to the property He desires for us. Please also pray that God would call others to join this pioneering team!

Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $15,000 for this new team launch in Africa. Please visit www.alliancewomen.org/give to participate.

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