Hope House: Nicole’s Story

Nicole is a 38-year-old migrant mother who had a baby boy in October 2020. Soon after our more severe COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were lifted, Nicole moved into Hope House. Our staff began working with her on how to properly feed her newborn son. Nicole had been feeding him a diet of mashed potatoes and bananas, which had caused severe intestinal issues for the baby.

Nicole was also taken to a Christian clinic to receive medical care; she had a severe breakout on her face, which she had been improperly treating. There she was prescribed a proper treatment plan. During her time with us at Hope House, Nicole was able to hear the gospel many times.

Nicole had two other children (a teenager and an almost one-year-old) back in her home country who were being cared for by her mom. Both her daughter (17 years old) and her mom are Christians who had been praying that Nicole would be able to return home in time for her son’s first birthday.

Nicole’s daughter had been made fun of by classmates in school and mocked for her faith. “Where is your God?” they had laughed at her continuously, day after day. God in His compassion honored this teenager’s prayers. Her mother, Nicole, boarded a flight back to her home country the day before her brother’s birthday. Pray that Nicole will have an encounter with Jesus that would lead to saving faith.

Alliance Women is committed to prayer and financial support for the Hope House maternity home ministry in Eastern Europe. We have set a goal to raise $20,000 for this life-giving ministry to migrant women. To participate, please visit www.alliancewomen.org/give.

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