Maude’s Story

Maude is a 32-year-old Central Asian woman who came to our big city with her two small children to join her husband. After arriving, she learned her husband had taken another wife. Their relationship became volatile, leading to a deep strain between them.

In a modern-day version of Rachel and Leah, Maude’s husband had shown strong preferential treatment for his new, younger wife. Their family relationships were plagued by deceit, conflict, and some practices of witchcraft. However, in a conversation with her husband, Maude determined that he seemed to want to try to make the relationship work.

Maude decided to remain with her family, although she has struggled with pain and depression because of her situation. Our staff met Maude in person when they took her to a clothing ministry to find needed items for herself and her children. In addition, volunteers through a local church donated a stroller and more clothing for the family.

Both the director and house mom have remained in close contact with Maude, offering encouragement, support, and counsel. Recently, she learned that she was pregnant again and greatly feared her husband’s reaction to the news. Unfortunately, she lost her baby in the early stages of pregnancy.

Pray for Maude and her husband’s relationship. Above all, pray that Maude will find truth and freedom as Jesus’ love is shown to her.

Alliance Women is committed to prayer and financial support for the Hope House maternity home ministry in Eastern Europe. We have set a goal to raise $20,000 for this life-giving ministry to migrant women.

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