Hope and Grace

Love always hopes–1 Corinthians 13:7.

My mother fought hard for relationships that were threatening to break. As a member of the Body of Christ, she considered it her personal responsibility to fight to preserve “oneness.” She avoided gossip like the plague, but when she learned of trouble brewing in a marriage or any relationship in the church, her mama bear instincts kicked in to protect that part of the Body from severing. She reached out, asked questions, listened, prayed, offered assistance, and reassured the wounded that there is always hope.

I’m not sure my mother ever thought about what her spiritual gift was. Maybe the apostle Paul—and the rest of us—might assign her the category of “encouraging” and “showing mercy” (see Romans 12:3-9).

My mother was quiet. You may have rarely noticed her. Preparing meals; sewing sundresses; cleaning closets; inviting little ones to discover silent treasures inside her “church bag,” which caused a joyful hush in her pew every Sunday morning—none of these things drew attention to herself, but all of these things blessed the Body of Christ. When no one needs credit, Christ gets it instead.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us–Romans 12:6a.

We all want our gifts to be received graciously, even it if we don’t “hit the ball out of the park” every time we offer our gift. Is it okay with you that people “have different gifts, according to the grace given?” Is it okay with you that that brothers and sisters in your church, members of your very own Body, may offer those gifts with differing amounts of faith?

Some gifts are quieter, but who’s to say how much faith it may take to persevere in them?

Grace is the glue that keeps me—and the Church—together. We are truly one Body only when we pour grace out abundantly over each other.

Whether all eyes are on you as you offer your gift or no one sees your sacrifice, you belong. Let’s hold onto hope and keep fighting this good fight of faith together. Let’s live by the grace given to us so every member knows that they belong.

Vonna Meier

Vonna Meier is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She, her husband, and their family of four boys love to create and count it a blessing to be part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance expression of the Body of Christ in Western Pennsylvania. She has enjoyed serving as a lay counselor and with youth, Alliance Women, and worship ministry.

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