Good Soil

By Irma Chon, RAIN Alliance, Hilliard, OH

Since 2010, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (CCF), a C&MA church in Hilliard, OH, has been reaching out to local disadvantaged families, immigrants, and refugees. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have been involved in building relationships and providing resources to underserved people.

As office administrator for CCF, I have been blessed with the privilege to get to know and work with a beautiful young lady from Iraq for almost two years. I help her with any paperwork that she needs. Even though she speaks very good English, her heart language is Arabic, and oftentimes she does not feel like her English is good enough on paper.

Throughout the time that I have worked with this amazing woman, I have never seen her without a smile on her face and a good word to say. Even when chemo treatments have at times left her weak, she has remained kind, encouraged, and full of hope. It has truly humbled me to see her genuine love and hospitality in serving others. When you go to her home (no matter how she feels), you are greeted with tea and various cookies, candy, or nuts.

Every Sunday, she brings coffee and tea, and most of the time, donuts, to offer the people at church after the church service. She is participating on the welcome team for our Afghan family and has volunteered to work in our church nursery as she is able.

The word “survivor” means different things to different people. To this young lady, it means that she hopes to be able to support herself and take care of her two beautiful children and see them grow into strong individuals with a solid trust in God and faith in Jesus Christ. I have come to know and love this courageous lady who I feel like our Lord refers to as “good soil.”

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