Enlarging Our Harvest

My husband, Dan, and I have worked in a variety of ministries over the past 35 years and have seen God’s provision even when money was tight. We have always tried to operate from a spirit of generosity with our time, talents, and treasures.

Dan and I have experienced God’s blessing as we seek to honor Him with all we have. There have been times when I had no idea how we would make ends meet—we always make sure that our tithe is the first bill we pay, and we have seen God always provide above what I could ask or imagine.

We don’t give because we expect something in return. Instead, we operate from the conviction that God can’t pour out His blessings if we have a clenched fist, holding tightly to our possessions. A spirit of generosity is an attitude to be cultivated as we humbly receive from God what we need each day.

Are you operating from a place of open-handedness, or are you clutching tightly to what you have? Do you freely give of your time, money, talents, and spiritual gifts, or do you simply receive from others without offering any help? Or, even worse, is your ‘help” offered in the form of criticism? Do you choose to withhold your tithe, or do you cheerfully give even when you have other expenses to pay? Do you expect God to bless you without offering anything to Him or others?

These are sobering questions. We can all easily fall into the “taking” category at some point or another, but we are called to embrace the opportunity to reflect the generous, giving nature of God. 2 Corinthians 9:10 tells us, “Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”

We cannot out give God. We should not expect God to bless us and increase our harvest and ministry when we have a stingy attitude towards all He has given us. God can provide above and beyond what we need in all things. Open your heart. Open your hands. Pour out blessings upon others, and watch God take what you give and increase it for His glory. Don’t be stingy with your life! Be extravagant in your giving, and watch God bless and enlarge your harvest.

Terri Groh

Terri Groh serves as Northeastern Alliance Women's director. She is also the Disciplemaking Ministries director at Jamestown C&MA Church in Jamestown, NY. She has been in full-time ministry, serving alongside her husband, Dan, for the past 34 years. Terri holds a BA in psychology from Nyack College and a master’s of professional studies from Alliance Theological Seminary. She is consecrated with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Terri is an author and has written five women's devotional books. Her website is www.encouragementforadiscouragedworld.com.

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