Circle of Hope: Vero’s Story

From the age of five, Vero lived alone in the central plaza of Guadalajara, Mexico. She tells of finding a big tree in the plaza that she made into a little resting place to get out of the blazing sun. Vero’s life in the plaza was a refuge from what she was experiencing at home. Her mother was practically a prostitute and brought a different man home each night. At her lowest point, Vero was offered to the men as a special gift for extra money. There was a reason Vero had to escape her home and live in the plaza.

By age 15, Vero had her first child. After many men and four more children, she settled down with one man and found herself at our Circle of Hope office space taking the first workshop we offered—basic haircutting. We began each workshop with a verse of encouragement, introducing women to the Bible and Jesus from the very beginning. We would talk about the hope we can have in Jesus and why we were called the “Circle of Hope.” 

One day, Vero asked me, “What is this hope you are always talking about? Is this something someone like me could have, too?” This simple question began Vero’s discipleship journey. She attended the Breath of Life Church, received the great news of Jesus as her Savior and Lord, attended baptism classes, and was baptized in 2020 along with two of her children.

Vero’s transformation is a work in progress. God has His hand on her life, and she is growing like a wildflower, looking beautiful in the process! Vero, who yearns to be able to finish her high school education, is leading the Sunday School in one of the Breath of Life Church campuses. She makes the teachers’ calendar, organizes the curriculum, and plans special days for the children. This would seem impossible if one looked at Vero as the world sees; but with God, nothing is impossible!

Vero has been transformed by the hope that she was looking for and received from Jesus! She belongs to a community of faith, a family that loves her and sees her through the eyes of Jesus. Her past is wiped away, and she is a new creature in God! Vero is now an important part of our community and has found her place to belong in the family of Jesus here in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Alliance Women desires to support women like Vero with our prayers and financial support. We have set a goal to raise $16,600 for the Circle of Hope ministry in Mexico. To participate, please visit

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