Vulnerable Children Find a Place to Belong


Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar has a population of about 60 million. More than 50 years of civil war has caused major casualties and property damage.

Compounding this, Myanmar is among those countries with the world’s most serious drug problems. The continuous war, drug abuse, and poverty have caused many children to become orphans.

Without the protection of parents and other caregivers, these youngsters are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and are easy targets for criminals. To survive, some orphans may resort to crimes such as theft, prostitution,  and drug trafficking.

Our team has opened orphanages to provide much-needed services to these desperate orphans. With your financial support, we will hire two Burmese language teachers and two Chinese teachers. We will make improvements to the building and provide school uniforms, desks, and teaching resources.


Because children with special needs cannot attend mainstream schools, we also offer age-appropriate culturally based courses, including Chinese, math, English, painting, and computer skills.

We provide free rehabilitation services such as muscle development, communication, cognition, self-care, and social skills, for children with disabilities from impoverished families.

Beyond that, we provide training in parenting skills to those who are caring for children with cerebral palsy, along with home aids equipment to improve children’s recovery at home.

To continue our ministry to these children, we hope to hire five physiotherapists.


Please pray for these children, their families, and our Alliance partners in Myanmar. Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $30,500 for hiring more teachers and resourcing these ministries. For more information on how you can give to this project, please visit www.

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