West Africa: Not Belonging

Before Ami* was born, her family moved to a neighboring country where Her father had found work. She attended primary school, but her father died when she was 10. This left Ami’s mother with no means of feeding her children and enrolling them in school. Then Ami lost her hearing.

Ami’s mother returned to their hometown in hopes that family would help provide for her children. They moved into a crowded courtyard in the city. Ami’s siblings were quickly placed in school and eventually invited by relatives to live with them. Ami was left alone in the courtyard, watching other girls her age attend school and feeling like she didn’t belong.

One day while going to the market, Ami, now 15, noticed some girls at a sewing school who were communicating with their hands. She went inside and watched the girls sewing. She started to pick up hand gestures, but what she really wanted was to pick up the needle and thread! She longed to be a part of their group and learn to sew.

Ami’s desire became a reality when a member of our Alliance team— which had started the school—noticed her. After she communicated her desire to learn how to sew, we visited her family. They were thrilled when we offered to provide a scholarship for Ami at our sewing school. We also hired a tutor so she could learn sign language.

Ami is a young woman with unique vulnerabilities because she was unable to receive an education and is also deaf. Our prayer is that by interacting with Christian teachers and learning to communicate, Ami will one day make the decision to follow Christ and it will be written on her hand, “belonging to the Lord.”

Please pray for vulnerable young women in West Africa. Pray also for funds to build a learning center in “M” village that will provide training in practical skills, general education in reading and writing, and spiritual formation to young women.

Alliance Women hopes to raise $36,500 for this learning center. Giving information  can be found at www.alliancewomen.org/give.

Belong project resources, including this story.


*Name changed

An Alliance worker

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