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Venezuela is facing an overwhelming crisis. For several years, the essentials of food, medicine, and cash have been difficult to find or afford. Gang violence threatens all corners of society. Today, more than 4 million Venezuelans have fled the country.

Our compassionate God sees each person impacted by crisis. And He asks His Church to come together to surround hurting families with love.

Beginning in 2018, CAMA has had the privilege to partner with Alliance churches in Colombia as they care for thousands of Venezuelans who are trying to settle down or just passing through. Through generous giving to the Venezuelan Refugee Relief project, CAMA has joined the work of Alliance churches in the cities of Armenia, Bogotá, and Ipiales.

Here are a few testimonies of God’s transforming work in three Colombian cities.


In Armenia, the church focuses on meeting the medical and family needs of Venezuelans.

When Luciana* and her two daughters arrived in Armenia, her youngest was malnourished and her 15-year-old daughter was pregnant. They connected with an Alliance church that found them a place to stay; provided food, diapers, and a crib; and helped Luciana start her own small business, selling empanadas and coffee. The whole family has found Jesus and are in the discipleship process!


In Bogotá, refugees are offered a free weekly lunch.

When two teenage Venezuelan sisters arrived in Bogotá, they had not eaten for days. Needing money to survive, they kept walking around looking for work and saw an Alliance church that runs a food program. At the point of exhaustion, they decided to enter and immediately received food, water, and rest. The pastor then put out a group message on WhatsApp, and church members really surrounded and loved the two. Now these girls know Jesus, were baptized, and are serving in the church today.


In Ipiales, a church-run shelter provides a safe place for families to sleep and eat before heading on their journey.

When this shelter opened in January 2020, sixteen-year-old Carioli, her boyfriend, and their one-year-old daughter were some of the first guests to arrive. They ate, took a shower, washed their clothes, and sat down at one of the computers to check in with family. Seconds after logging on, Carioli received a message saying that her father had been killed in Venezuela that day.

Carioli broke down in tears sitting at the shelter’s computer table. The pastor and a group of volunteers immediately came around her, listened to her story, and prayed with her. The pastor also shared about the hope found in Jesus. Before Carioli left the shelter, she put her trust in Christ.

Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $32,000 for the Venezuelan Refugee Relief project. For more information, visit Please be praying for Venezuelans. Both refugees and those that remain in their country are very vulnerable. Praise God for churches that have stepped up in love around the world during this time! Let us not grow tired.

*Names changed

Kassi Roedding

Kassi Roedding is the marketing and communication specialist for CAMA and Alliance Missions in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She spent 16 years of her childhood as an Alliance missionary kid in Quito, Ecuador.

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  1. Kassi: I love your reports from the field and these recent testimonies of those reached with the gospel and the relief supplies they need. Keep up the good work!

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