Uruguay Encounter Ministries: Myriam

God is my Companion, my Creator, my Everything. He accepts me just the way I am and gives me hope for a better life.

It hasn’t always been this way for me. I experienced God’s forgiveness because of my mother’s death. All I felt was hatred toward the man who murdered her, until I began attending a small-group Bible study. I learned that God is love and that He forgives me. I never thought I was worthy of His love.

Now I know that He gave His Son to forgive us. I also learned that justice belongs to God, not to me. He forgives and punishes; it is not my responsibility. As a result, God removed the “backpack” full of unforgiveness and  pain I had been carrying around.

Before, I just thought about God when something bad happened, but now I talk to Him every day. I feel Him so close to me, and I have learned to trust Him in everything. He always comes through.

I wish that my friends – and all women in Uruguay – could experience His love, know His forgiveness, and know that He accepts all of us. I would like them to have faith in God and learn how to pray, because that is how we get closer to Him.

I would like us to be a community of faith that helps each other, despite our differences – that would make Uruguay a better place.

Pray for Alliance workers in Uruguay. They have created women’s encounters designed to create access to the gospel. One encounter retreat could be as effective as a whole year of attempted meetings or get-togethers.

Thank you, Alliance Women, for your prayers for these beautiful women. Thank you for your financial support of this project. Giving instructions can be found here.


an international worker

an international worker

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