Stories from the Field: Rosemary

Set Free from Loneliness and Isolation

After more than 10 years of Alliance international workers praying for her and sharing God’s love through a weekly English Club, Rosemary, in her mid-80s, turned to God amid a deep struggle with depression. On November 28, 2018, she prayed and opened her heart to Jesus after reading Isaiah 61:1–3. She was ready to exchange her depression and hurting heart for God’s oil of joy and gladness. Symbolically, she took off her black sweater and gave it to Jesus; she then put on a red sweater representing His garment of praise. Years of painful solitude washed away as she cried on my shoulder and received God’s love flowing through her. In the months since, she is doing much better and is thankful for her relationship with God. Rosemary gives us warm hugs and greets us with a deep smile of appreciation every time we meet. She has even attended church.

Recently, we asked Rosemary about how we could reach out to other women in Montevideo. Without hesitation, she started talking about her heart for the many older single women living in the city who are unseen and without community, often left alone because of broken family relationships. She sees them every day and has already become a conduit of God’s love toward them!

Pray for Alliance workers in Uruguay and their ministry to women such as Rosemary.

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Stories from the Field: Natalia

Uruguay Encounters Ministries

God is my everything. My Friend, my Father, my unconditional Helper—my Strength. He is the source of unending love in my life.

I have experienced His love in many ways. The first time I recall is when my newborn daughter was being transferred to an intensive care unit at a hospital in another country. The outcome did not look good. But my husband and I felt like God was with us, even though we were separated from her. I didn’t doubt for a second that she would recover. God was in the middle of that situation.

In the past, whenever I have seen people do wrong things, I have had trouble seeing them through God’s eyes of love. Especially people who hurt others, or who have hurt me. I have learned to forgive them and rid myself of a victim mentality—to love and forgive them and let go of the pain. It’s been a process. But seeing people who demonstrate Christ’s love is what has changed me the most.

We live in quite a secular country, and it is not easy to be a Christian here. Religion is looked upon as a weakness, considered unintelligent. My hope is that other women will have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God and experience something as wonderful as I have.

Pray for Alliance workers in Uruguay. They have created Encounters Ministries, designed to create gospel access for women in Uruguay. One Encounter retreat can be as effective as a whole year of meetings.

We welcome your financial support of this project. Giving instructions can be found here.