At His Table

Years ago, a dear friend invited us to his wedding. He prepared everything with great care and love so that his guests would fully enjoy themselves. When we arrived, we felt like VIPs! After the ceremony, we got ready to enjoy the great banquet our friend had planned. Unfortunately, many of the beautifully decorated tables were almost empty. Evidently, many of those who had received the invitation had failed to show up.

Can you imagine receiving an invitation from someone very important to you and not accepting it or responding to it?

The Kingdom of God contains an ongoing invitation to fellowship at His table. At His table, we see elements of intimacy, communion, forgiveness of sins, transformation, and celebration.

In the account of the Last Supper recorded in Matthew 26:26-29, we find a beautiful promise of our Lord Jesus when he says “ . . . I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” Jesus is anticipating the day when not only His disciples, but all of those who belong to Him, will enjoy fellowship at His table forever.

At His table, every hunger is satisfied, and every soul is filled with His plenitude in His very presence. Someone once said that spiritual hunger and thirst do not work the same way as the physical. Physical hunger is satisfied with food; after eating, we are fulfilled. But spiritually, we are not satisfied until we “eat” from God and realize how much our souls were craving Him.

When we feast at the Lord’s table, something strange happens—more hunger and thirst come. We discover that we want more and need more of Him.

All of us who belong to Him enjoy the privilege of saying that we are included in His invitation. Not only in the future, but today. On a day-to-day basis, His invitation for intimacy and continuous transformation is valid.

Thanks be to God for the invitation to sit at His table! Let’s all relish this opportunity more than any other special occasion and not take it for granted like those who missed my friend’s banquet.