Project Countryside


Cleo and Tim Undheim, marketplace ministries workers, had a dream. It was birthed 12 years ago from an opportunity Cleo had to speak at the Correctional Institute for Women in metro Manila, Philippines. During her visit, she recognized the need for helpful programming for soon-to-be released women prisoners. There was a distinct lack of preparation or training for reentry into society.

Within a year, Cleo and her husband had started an outreach called Ina-Inakay, which means “mother and fledglings.” Ina-Inakay is a licensed nonprofit agency with the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It was established to facilitate the reintegration of women into society through the formation of Christian values, family connections, child education, and livelihood initiatives.

Through financial allowances for schooling for the children of the female inmates and training sessions addressing handicrafts production, bookkeeping, ethics in the workplace and livelihood skills, Ina-Inakay has reached more than 2,000 people in need. The team led by the Undheims is making a Kingdom impact for generations and modeling “whole life Christianity.”


One of the requirements for parole is a place for female prisoners to live and a family or community to whom they can be accountable. Without this provision, it is almost impossible for these released women to successfully reintegrate with their families and society due to their long separation from family and the stigma associated with having been in prison.

In 2016, seeing this need, Cleo and Tim, along with their ministry team, went before the Lord in prayer. Sensing the word “onward” from the Lord, the Undheims, Ina-Inakay staff, board of directors, and prison officials decided to launch the Project Countryside Living and Learning venture.

Through the generosity of a friend of The Alliance, the Undheims were able to purchase 22 acres of farmable land in September 2018. Slowly but surely, Project Countryside is coming to life!


Currently, the Undheims are in the process of figuring out what can and cannot be planted on the Project Countryside site. They’ve tried rice (successful, but with negligible profit), green beans (unsuccessful), and green limes. They received 1,000 green lime seedlings in September 2019 and planted them over two months. They’ve been told that green limes will do very well, but it will be at least another year before they can glean fruit.

Electrical lines, roads, and plumbing were all added to the site. Now, a permanent row house containing 10 units is to be built. Each unit will house two–three residents. The estimated cost of each unit is $15,000, which includes materials, labor, and furnishings. Alliance Women has set a goal of raising $45,000 for Project Countryside.

Please consider a financial gift—and continue to pray that the lives of these women and their families will be transformed from the inside out by the love and truth of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit