Questions in the Inkwell

History unfolds before our eyes daily. And it will continue to do so—time does not stand still.

As the stories of our lives are written, questions can be found in the inkwell: What are our causes? What do we live for? Will we be passive or active agents in history? Will we be spectators or protagonists? What will we accomplish? What will be our legacy? Will we be willing to pay the price?

For every name remembered for its significant contributions to our world, there are millions that time and history have buried in the coffin of inaction. Inactivity occurs in every context of our lives, but the one area in which we cannot afford passivity is our faith.

Those of us who have been reached and impacted by the gospel have the privilege of receiving empowerment through the Holy Spirit to co-labor with God and expand the Kingdom of heaven.

We have all been called to offer what we can to help fulfill the Great Commission, be it vocationally or in our day-to-day lives. We are to move forward and serve the purpose for which God has called us. And the one name we want remembered throughout history is not our own but that of Christ.

We are shocked by the advance of evil and the distortion of goodness. What is our response as Christians? We need to wake up! Time must be redeemed. There are deep, heartfelt needs to address.

May we see like Jesus sees, listen like He listens, love like He loves, work in step with His Spirit, and reach others. Let us change the course of history—one life at a time—as far as our reach will allow us, as deep as the Holy Spirit takes us.

The advance of the cause of the gospel can be painful and sacrificial, but there is no greater hope, no more beautiful consolation than that of contemplating the road of faith and, at the end, hearing our Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:23). If the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ inhabits our hearts, this path is not optional.

Redeem the time—take action! Love is both words and deeds! Do not be afraid. Pray, seek God’s direction, and move forward with Him.