Young Women at Risk

Countries that experience conflict see a large percentage of young women not in school. When schools close in insecure areas, families must make choices as to who to send away to school. This decision overwhelmingly is made in favor of the boys in the family. Young women who are left behind have few choices. Even if they have some schooling, it is hard for them to earn a living.

Recently, over 200 schools closed in a region of the West African country in which we serve. The girls living in these villages are at risk to become household servants, to be married off at a young age, or to look to promiscuity to have some financial resources.


Our team is ready to build a learning center that would provide practical skill training, general education in reading and writing, and spiritual formation to young women living in such an area. We have seen the success of one of these village centers and are seeking funds to build another in the heart of an area that has seen many schools close.

The center would be built in the village of “M.” In 2020, the village was targeted for an evangelism campaign, and 25 accepted Christ. An established local church is overseeing this village church plant and each weekend sends a team to hold services. A large piece of property was given to the church in the village of “M.” We hope to come alongside local church leadership with funds to build a learning center for young women and provide the first year of operating costs. After the first year, the local church will assume responsibility for project management and funding.


As the Lord is opening this region to the gospel. Adolescence is the time to establish in the hearts of these young women the fact that they matter to God, that their lives have worth, and that they can be contributing members of their community. We have seen how important it is to give young women options for their education and provide them with skills for earning a living.


Please prayer for vulnerable young women in West Africa. Pray for the timely construction  of this learning center. Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $36,500 to fund this project. Monies raised will finance the construction of two classrooms, provide furniture,  ten sewing machines, soap-making and weaving class supplies, and supplement the salaries for six teachers in the learning center. For more information on how you can give to this project, please visit

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