Urgent Needs for Bongolo Hospital

Lord willing, the next Bongolo Hospital shipment will go out March 2021.

Please ensure that donations arrive at ARK Transportation in Middleburgh Heights, OH, from February 1-14, 2021. 

Shipping instructions

The medical staff at Bongolo has written this list of items that they see as urgent.

Please don’t send other items unless it is something you have already made such as the smaller sterilization wraps (48″x48″).


– URGENT: 100 boxes, Preservative-free Artificial Tears (single-use vials in a box) example Theratears

– URGENT: 2000 bottles, Regular Artificial Tears (bottles) example Gericare Artificial tears


– URGENT:  OR Table Sheets  (175)

– URGENT:  Surgical masks (5000)

You can access the entire supply list HERE.



**Instructions for delivery table sheets: use flat sheets twin or full size, any color, made of cotton or cotton/polyester. Fold sheet in half so it is 48” x 66” (twin) or 48”x 81” (full).  Straight stitch or zig-zag around the entire doubled sheet, including the folded side, close to the edge.   Measure half way down (33” or 40.1”) and sew across the sheet.