Refugee Friday

On Fridays, pray for the RAIN Alliance in Columbus, Ohio, as it reaches out to Middle Eastern and other refugees.

Since 2010, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (CCF), a C&MA church in Hilliard, OH, has been reaching out to local disadvantaged families, immigrants, and refugees. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have been involved in building relationships and providing resources to underserved people.


We, as a church body, were moved by the recent suffering of Afghan people and their subsequent attempts to resettle. We began seeking the Lord for direction on how we might be able to show the love of Jesus in practical ways to Afghan families that were soon to be assigned to the city of Columbus. This unexpected influx of Afghan refugees has created new opportunities for us as a church family to develop ongoing relationships with our new neighbors with the hope that they will see the gospel of the Kingdom made manifest through the love and kindness of Jesus Christ and His followers.

Our vision statement says: “We are a Spirit-led, compassionate, and relational refuge who boldly proclaim in word and deeds of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to all peoples and the coming generation.” God has and is placing the nations right within our midst! We look with anticipation, for the harvest is truly ripe.

In December 2021, our newly trained welcome team of 21 people were expecting an Afghan family of seven as our first new opportunity to serve Afghan refugees. Within two weeks, through the help of a realtor in our church and the grace of God, we were able to locate a townhouse. Our team began getting it ready for our family, and on December 15, an Afghan family began the process of settling into their new home.

We registered the family in ESL classes, registered their children in school, and began looking into job opportunities for the father. The family does not have a vehicle, and public transportation is minimal in our city. Our goal is that the father would have transportation for work and that the vehicle we purchase would have enough room for the family to go shopping together.


Six years ago, Adela* came to the United States from Iraq with her husband and children, resettling in the Columbus/Hilliard area. She attended ESL classes and was introduced to RAIN Alliance volunteers. When a need for a translator emerged, this amazing woman volunteered to help. In time, a friendship blossomed between Adela and a female volunteer. Adela started English Conversation class at CCF. Eventually, she came to church with her children as well.

One year ago, Adela had a recurrence of a cancerous brain tumor that was compounded by the stress of COVID-19 while attempting to teach her children at home on e-learning. When her husband found out that Adela was sick, he left her and the children with no support. Adela had to quit work due to her illness. She has been taking chemo medication for the tumor in hopes that that the tumor will dissolve so that she can go back to work again, and of course, we continue to pray that the Lord will heal her.

Presently, Adela and her two children are living without virtually any income except for food stamps and the help that she has received from us and two of our partners for her rent and other necessities.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Alliance Women to make a difference in the life of our sister and others like her. We invite you to join us as we pray God’s heart for Afghan families, Adela, and her children as well as other refugee friends.

Alliance Women is committed to prayer and financial support for the RAIN Alliance ministry in Ohio. We have set a goal to raise $25,000 for this hands-on ministry to refugees. To participate, please visit

To learn more about the Refugee and Immigrant Network (RAIN) of the Alliance, please visit

*name changed