Stories from the Field: Dani’s Story

Cambodia Addiction Recovery Center

My parents were drunkards. Dad killed my mom; then he sold me. I was raped by my adopted father, thrown out of the house by my adopted mother, and by 11 years of age I was a prostitute, comforting myself with alcohol. Eventually, there was nothing else in my life. I abused my own children and became their burden. But then I heard an amazing thing—a God who was able to do the impossible! I decided I wanted a new life. So, I slept at the gate of the missionaries’ home. They asked me to move in, and God truly changed me! I learned how to live without alcohol, to eat dinner with family, to put my children to bed with a prayer, and to laugh at my youngest child’s jokes.

I craved more healing, because my addiction was consuming. I needed to work through so many things! My emotions were broken, my coping skills non-existent. I needed a program set up for my needs. The missionaries loved me, but they were unable to stay with me at the house all the time; there was no other place I could go. The accidental death of my son sent me into deep despair, and I ended my own life. But through my death the Addiction Recovery Center was born in the minds and hearts of the missionaries. It was built too late for me, but there are many others who need it and can find help.    

Pray for Alliance workers in Cambodia reaching young adults struggling with addiction.

The Addiction Recovery Center in Cambodia is one project selected for financial support in the 2019-2020 Alliance Women ministry year. Giving instructions are found here.

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