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Stories from the Field: Crisis Pregnancy Center Eastern Europe


Our shelter director, Maddie, received a phone call last month from a woman who works outside of our city assisting females in crisis. “I don’t know the culture of migrant women, or how to help them,” she told Maddie. “But there’s a migrant lady here in great need. I’ve heard of your ministry to women like her; can you come and help?”

So Maddie went to meet “Gloria,” whose situation encapsulates the reason we are starting our Crisis Pregnancy Shelter.

At age 14, Gloria was given to a man in marriage in her home country—she was her husband’s fourth wife. He brought her to our city, and then abandoned her, leaving her pregnant and alone. When her baby was born, she was taken to an orphanage because Gloria had no means to care for her.

God brought some local believers into Gloria’s life who helped her find housing. They also assisted her in obtaining legal custody of her daughter, who was a toddler at the time. But when Maddie met with Gloria, this young mom still had no resources, little grasp of the local language, and no means to support herself. She was also pregnant again and deeply concerned that her unborn child might also be placed in an orphanage—not a safe option in this case.

Maddie showered Gloria with hope and love, providing her warm clothing, a listening ear, understanding from years of experience with women in similar situations, and the good news. The young mom heard all of this for the first time in her heart language and was overwhelmed. Although she was resistant to the idea of needing a Savior, Gloria begged Maddie to keep visiting her. She then asked the circle of local believers to tell her more about their faith.

Our women’s shelter team interceded for Maddie during her visit with Gloria. When she returned, they got to work, gathering more items that Gloria needed: a stroller, a used phone, baby clothes, and manicure tools, the latter of which Gloria hopes to use to earn an income.

But Gloria’s most urgent need—safe housing where she can continue to learn and receive support—isn’t something we can offer yet. We hope we can soon! In the meantime, we are helping Gloria as much as we can, including talking with her about her options. We will continue connecting with and supporting Gloria and her little family, always pointing them to our only true hope—Jesus.


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