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Stories from the Field – CAMA Orphan Project

by Mau Le
Alliance international worker with CAMA Vietnam

Ngoc contracted the HIV virus during childbirth. She never knew her father, who passed away from HIV-related causes when she was three months old. Ngoc and her mother live in an old storage shed on the corner of their extended family’s garden; meanwhile, Ngoc’s older sister, who is not HIV-positive, lives on the property with the relatives in their larger home. Sometimes Ngoc is envious of her sister because she’s healthy and lives happily with other family members.
Ngoc’s mother does farm work and other hard labor to earn a meager living for her and her daughter. But she is unable to hold a long-term job because of the wearing side effects from her HIV-medication. Everyone in Ngoc’s life is afraid to have close contact with her. She feels rejected and unloved, abandoned by her family and community, and often asks why people hate her and her mother. At school, teachers and students keep their distance from Ngoc. She wishes that her extended family and her sister would play with her.
Only Ngoc’s mother loves and nurtures her. But when her mom is too sick to care for either her daughter or herself, no one wants to help.
Today, Ngoc experiences love and care from CAMA staff. “I thank them for loving me, giving me a lot of hugs, praying for my and my mother’s health, and financially supporting me so I am able to continue school and have food to eat monthly,” she often tells us. “I pray that God continues to give me and my mother good health. I want to study medicine so I can help HIV patients.”
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  1. Such a shame that the family and community are ignorant of how HIV is contracted, or better said, how it is NOT contracted. Such a blessing that CAMA is on the ground there to care for Ngoc and her mother. Hopefully soon, the entire family will come to Christ and learn to love and care for each other. I will be praying for this to happen! We are starting to give to CAMA on a monthly basis. Will the rest of you join us?

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