Santidougou Widows’ Center

This week we learned how an Alliance Women’s group started in one of our districts. Many years ago, a Santidougou pastor was invited to speak at a district women’s conference in a neighboring country. Moved by the experience, he returned home determined to begin holding an annual conference for the women in his district. His wife, Elizabeth, caught the vision and helped to organize the conference. She was then elected the first District Alliance Women’s president.

More than forty years later, the Santidougou District is still holding an annual Alliance Women’s Conference. They have also formed cell groups in each local church that organize prayer chains and meet weekly for Bible study. They have opened a girls’ trade school that serves about seventy-five young women who have not had the opportunity of formal schooling. Now annual conferences include those for pastors’ wives and teen-age girls.

A few years ago, the Santidougou women leaders shared with me their vision for a widows’ center. They wanted a place where widows could gather for prayer, offer training in practical skills, and provide storage for project materials. The Santidougou Alliance Women took up a collection that got the project started. Then the U.S. Alliance Women and other friends contributed generously, so that they now have this beautiful building, named after Elizabeth, their first president. We give thanks to the Lord Jesus and also to you who have supported us.

We love a history that involves many different people working together to accomplish something great. The Apostle John encourages us to “work together for the truth” (3 John 1:8). It is our privilege to be your sent ones in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and in collaborating with other believers in caring for widows.


Pray for the Elizabeth Widows’ Center as projects are organized and the facility is put to use. Pray for a small business training that is taking place this month for widows.

Watch the video.

Esther Schaeffer

Esther Schaeffer has served as an Alliance missionary in West Africa for over 30 years. She is married to Andrew and together they serve in leadership development. Esther is involved in varied women's ministries, including widows and prisoners, and leads a prayer team at the local hospital. Esther has also been involved in resourcing and teaching at a nearby learning center. She especially loves going into local schools to speak to young women.

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