Rehema House: Maya’s Story

Maya and her little sister, Katherine, were devastated when their mother died. As these young girls grieved, they endured humiliating and painful abuse by their father, who retained custody of the two. Eventually, a family member turned the father into the police for extreme abuse after he broke Maya’s arm and refused to get her medical treatment. The sisters eventually ended up at a government-run child protection center, located in the same city as Rehema House.

Maya moved into Rehema House when she turned 18. She quickly finished her high school education and moved on to study law at university. Maya dreams of becoming a prosecuting attorney and eventually a judge, so she can influence society and assist girls from difficult backgrounds.

Katherine also moved into Rehema House when she was 18, but she stayed for only a few months. She was accepted into a government education program in the country’s capital where she is thriving and working toward fulfilling her dreams of giving back to society.

Both girls came to Rehema House quite opposed to the gospel. Although their hearts were hardened toward any talk of Christianity, over the years they have softened.

They are tender toward the Lord and we have quite fruitful, regular discussions with them about God and His message. Katherine has seen firsthand the power of prayer, and we are so encouraged to see Him working in both of the sisters’ hearts and minds.

Alliance Women seeks to raise $36,500 to help purchase land and build Rehema House. Would you prayerfully consider giving to this need so that young women can find mercy and hope? To do so, please visit


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