Rehema House: Dawn’s Story

When Dawn was six years old, her parents died in a car accident and she was sent to live with relatives in the countryside. Although she was well-treated and cared for, she was never sent to school. Instead, she learned how to do domestic work.

When Dawn turned 12, her elderly relatives could no longer care for her and she was sent to the girl’s protection center in the same city where Rehema House is located. Her relatives passed away shortly after she arrived. The administrators at the center saw that while Dawn had no formal education, she had a quick mind and a desire to learn.

After an intensive year at a special school for illiterate females, Dawn was enrolled, at age 13, in first grade. She completed elementary school at the top of her class. Yet Dawn knew that her time at the center was limited—when they turn 18, girls age-out of the government system here. So as her 18th birthday loomed, Dawn became fearful. She had no living relatives and had a deep desire to complete her education.

One day, a woman came to the center seeking a live-in house helper. If Dawn took the position, she wouldn’t be permitted to continue her schooling, effectively ending her education at the sixth-grade level. But it appeared that domestic servitude was her only option.

Thankfully, a space opened for Dawn at Rehema House. She joined us in February 2020, just in time for COVID lock down! She is currently in seventh grade, and, despite the educational challenges of this past year, she has continued to remain at the top of her class.

Along with a quick mind, Dawn is also gifted with a tender heart. Recently, while at the market with one of our house moms, Dawn learned the story of one of the local vegetable vendors.  Moved with compassion, she convinced the other girls to pool a portion of their allowances to purchase this young man’s much-needed medicine.

Also, a new girl has joined our house community who is deeply struggling, and Dawn is always available with a listening ear and a kind word.

Dawn dreams of becoming an engineer, but she also wants to invest herself in helping others and building a more caring society. She has expressed interest in hearing about the gospel from our house moms and is daily learning about the value she holds in her true Father’s eyes.

Pray for the purchase of land and the construction  of the new Rehema House. Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $36,500 to support this project. For more information on how you can give to this project, please visit

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