Rehema House: Building a Home


Rehema is an Arabic word that means mercy.

Most of our girls were removed from their homes or surrendered  to the government at young ages, spending their formative years at a government-run institution. It is well known that after aging out of the government system at age 18, a girl without a family safety net to fall back on is left without many options. Traffickers have been known to wait outside of government child- protection centers, ready to provide false hope to these young, vulnerable women.

Because of our God’s great mercy, we have been granted the gift of helping to prevent these girls from being trafficked, sparing them further pain and abuse.

We at Rehema House believe that when vulnerabilities are removed and the gospel is introduced, most girls can thrive, find dignifying work, and have hopeful futures. We believe in wholistic support—this includes safe housing and meals, proper hygiene, life-management lessons, educational opportunities,  and healthy community. But the most important gift that we give these young women is the knowledge of their immense value in the eyes of their Creator—the One who loves them and sacrificed Himself to have relationship with them.


In November 2017, we established our home in a large, rented house with several apartments; we began housing young women in January 2018. Since then, we’ve been able to provide safe shelter and basic necessities for about 20 girls, who pursue high-school  diplomas, vocational training—even university degrees.

Currently, our home houses seven young women and two live-in house moms. It is nearing maximum capacity. We have also received news that the owner of this property is trying to sell it.

As we have looked around the city, we have decided that our best option is to build a house ourselves that is large enough to expand our capacity and meet the unique needs of the girls we house.

We desire to find and buy a piece of land zoned for residential use. After the land is purchased, we will build a two-story house that can house up to 20 residents. When this project is complete, we hope to have enough room to house a minimum of 16 girls and 4 live-in house moms.


Please pray for God’s mercy to uphold these vulnerable young women. Pray for the purchase of land and the construction  of the new Rehema House. Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $36,500 to support this project. For more information on how you can give to this project, please visit

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