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In the New York City (NYC) metro area, the birthplace of The Alliance, there are at least 80 unreached people groups represented and 800-plus languages spoken. NYC has more foreign-born immigrants than the whole population of Chicago! We are seeing how God has moved many of these peoples here so they can find Him.

This is an amazing time in history: Our King of Kings hasn’t returned yet, and we get to be His ambassadors among unreached people who are more accessible than ever.

When people come to NYC, many are looking for opportunities—education, improved income, a better future for their children. They share these opportunities with their families and friends. When they encounter Jesus, they share Him as well.

Upon initial arrival here, it is challenging to find housing, secure a job, and learn how to navigate a vastly different cultural context. Women are especially vulnerable during this transition. We have met numbers of them who have heartbreaking stories and live in very challenging circumstances.


Bintu is one of them. When she first came to our ESL class, Bintu didn’t laugh when the other ladies joked and shared stories. She was exhausted and dejected. In the weeks that followed, Bintu shared how she worked extremely long hours in a restaurant, and was getting paid under the table at an alarmingly low rate. She desperately wanted to send money back to her West African home country so her two elementary school-age children could attend school. Bintu was completely overwhelmed with life and felt stuck in her circumstances.


Women like Bintu are why Envision New York City has started the Tabitha Fund. Named after Tabitha—a disciple in the early Church who was “always doing good and helping the poor” (see Acts 9:36)—this fund seeks to help West African women transitioning to U.S. culture by meeting their critical needs.

One of those needs is providing curriculum, books, and supplies for ESL classes. Currently, more than 25 West African women attend the ESL classes we teach twice a week. These beautiful women desperately want to learn English so they can find decent jobs in NYC, communicate with their children’s teachers, and pass immigration tests to obtain green cards or U.S. citizenship.

The Tabitha Fund is also set up to provide scholarships for job-training programs, immigrant advocacy resources, and children’s support services such as tutoring. The cost to provide these critical needs for 50 West African women is approximately $11,300.

Envision New York City also dreams of providing transitional housing in which Christians live alongside new immigrants to incarnate Christ and disciple them at this key moment in their lives. This is a significant investment—$850,000—yet so worth the stability and hope this facility will provide dozens of vulnerable women each year, who are overwhelmed by the city’s high cost of living.

Alliance Women has set a total goal of raising $56,500 for the Tabitha Fund—enough to cover the critical needs of immigrant women and invest in transitional housing. We invite you to partner with what God is doing among West African women in NYC by contributing to the Tabitha Fund through your gifts to Alliance Women. For more information, visit

Michelle Davis

Brian and Michelle Davis are the Envision New York City site coordinators. In 2017, their family transitioned to this city after serving in Senegal with The Alliance for nearly a decade. The Davises currently teach ESL, share Bible stories with interested people, and develop Envision interns and immersion teams.

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  1. Our AW group will be sending some support for this Tabitha project! Praising God for his faithfulness!

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