Operation School Assist Update

In metro Manila, where COVID cases are still growing in number, our scholars continue to go to school through online classes. It has not been easy for our families, especially when there are strict lockdowns, but they are being monitored closely by our staff. We send relief as necessary.

We continue to tutor children.  After each tutoring class in the morning and in the afternoon, all the kids run to the Joy Playground. Children play tag. They run . . . they sweat . . . they laugh out loud! Smaller children, age 6 and below, watch with glee but sometimes you can see their faces expressing their wish to join in. So our teachers started playing “hide and seek” with them.

On the other hand, it is sad to see in the news that children’s mental health is affected due to being cooped up with modules at home. It’s heartbreaking to hear of students around the country committing suicide because they can’t keep up with their modules. Parents in our area are not able to help out consistently because they work long hours or they lack the educational ability to assist their children.

Teachers are overwhelmed. With the increasing number of COVID infections, our “Operation School Assist” project may be extended. We will be needing funding in order to continue. We are stretched thin.

Please pray if you should participate through giving to help us continue and even expand our services. Gifts to Alliance Women through the month of June will help support the work of Operation School Assist.

Give Now. 

An Alliance worker

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