Hands of Honor Update

While on home assignment, our family gets asked all the time, “What do you miss back in Africa?” It’s so EASY for me to answer: “I miss spending time with my Hands of Honor girls!”

Do keep praying for this important ministry! God is bringing to us girls who’ve experienced deep injustice and pain. Two 14-year-olds recently joined us who had spent significant time prostituted by relatives in the capital city. Two other young girls have been attending who got pregnant out of wedlock. One of the girls aborted her baby and is living with incredible guilt. The other chose to keep her child but has been kicked out of her home and is now faced with caring for her child on her own.

I’m so incredibly thankful for our local staff who have seen the desperate circumstances of these girls and chosen to walk alongside them in their brokenness. I was encouraged to hear that our staff has been able to put to good use the training they received on trauma healing. My CAMA Services colleague, Hedi, recently wrote, “Our staff has been telling [the girls] about Jesus, and they seem to find such peace being with us.”

Please pray with us that these young girls will turn to Jesus and find healing for their deep heart-wounds.

An Alliance worker

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