Guided by Jesus

During the war in Kosovo, Belkize* worked as a teacher in a village just outside her hometown. One day, as she approached the village on her way to work, she noticed it was very quiet—not even the dogs were barking.

As she continued toward the school, one of her students called out to her from his front stoop, “Teacher, something has happened in the village. Go home!” Belkize assured the boy that the village seemed peaceful and she continued the short distance to the school. When she arrived, the school was locked, so she turned to head home.

Eventually, Belkize reached a bridge and noticed about a dozen Serb soldiers loitering beneath it. She was gripped with fear knowing they might harass or assault her. In that moment she inwardly cried out, “Jesus, please hold my hand and guide me!”

Miracle on the Bridge

As she began to cross, the Serb soldiers suddenly came up onto the bridge, but Belkize continued to move forward, her hand clenched in front of her as if being led across. She had difficulty weaving her way through the group of men, occasionally bumping into them, but she continued on amazed that the soldiers never reacted to her.

A bus approached on the road beyond the bridge, and noticing the young woman in such a precarious position, the driver waited for her. Belkize eventually broke free from the group of soldiers and ran to the bus.

As she boarded all the passengers cheered, wanting to know how she had gotten past the soldiers without being harassed. Belkize replied, “There are only two answers I can think of, either God made me invisible or He made them blind!” Everyone on the bus agreed God had performed a miracle on the bridge that day.

Healing through Understanding

In 2019, now a pastor’s wife, Belkize felt led to start Healing Unseen Wounds, a project to assist survivors of wartime rape. After watching a television interview about the plight of Kosovo’s wartime rape survivors, Belkize contacted the women’s center director who appeared on the program, offering some humanitarian aid the church has recently received.

During their initial meeting it was clear that there was potential to partner further, and a fruitful relationship developed. In less than a year, Healing Unseen Wounds has helped five families in the Drenica region with micro-enterprise investment and over 30 women with trauma therapy, but there is so much more to be done. To support this project and others chosen by Alliance Women, give here.

Belkize often thinks of God’s faithfulness to her that day on the bridge, particularly when she hears the stories of women who were brutalized during the war. She says, “Everything God does has a purpose. I believe He allowed that situation to happen to me so I can understand the rape survivors more and love and care for them well, because I could have very easily been one of

*name changed

Melissa Singfiel

Melissa and her husband, Jeff, have served as international workers in Kosovo since 2002. Melissa currently leads the Women’s Commission for the National Evangelical Alliance in Kosovo and serves female international workers by facilitating Empower, a women’s developmental program in partnership with the C&MA Metropolitan District and Alliance Theological Seminary.

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