First Fruits from the Circle of Care

by Bob and Cheryl Fugate, serving with The Alliance in Guadalajara, Mexico


By age 14, Veronica (Vero) had given up a baby for adoption and was living on the streets. By the time she was 16, she had two more babies she was raising. Now a married mom with four children in her care, Vero has found hope in Jesus through the Circle of Care, our Breath of Life Church’s outreach to women in Guadalajara.


Leti Avila, the director, Circle of Care, invited Vero to one of our workshops. She began attending; one day on the bus ride home, she asked Leti, “What is this hope you have, and how can I experience it?” After praying to receive Christ, Vero began coming to church regularly with her two sons. Her 10-year-old accepted Christ almost immediately; her teenage son came to Christ just a few months ago.


During our baptism class, this stay-at-home mom wept because she feared her mother would reject her if she were baptized. (This type of family pressure is common in our area of Mexico.) But Vero made up her mind to stand firm. “I would rather lose my family than be embarrassed to proclaim my faith in Jesus publicly,” she said.


Her mother relented the week prior to her daughter’s baptism. Vero’s husband permitted her and her two sons to be baptized a few weeks ago, but he isn’t ready to support her new faith, or even meet me and my wife, Cheryl, for coffee. But God is faithful—we know He will win!


Since Vero made it through only the 6th grade, she wants to take classes to get her high school diploma. This is an area of assistance that Cheryl and her national leadership team at Circle of Care are considering for next year, since two women in the group now face this challenge. We believe Circle of Care can provide contacts and scholarships for these women who want to complete their primary education.


Vero is also earning a small income making bracelets and cutting hair at Circle of Care. “It’s been a big help,” she says. “It allows me to pay bus fare to take my children to church.”

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