Cambodia Addiction Center: Ruom’s Story

Our children attended Sunday school, so I thought everything would be OK for them. To my great shame, our youngest son, Vanneut, the son I loved, spiraled downward into drugs.

I sold all that I had—my land, my belongings—to get help. But it didn’t achieve anything.

With few social services available here, some parents protect themselves from their own children by hiring a government worker to arrest them and put them in a “rehabilitation center.” Presumably, the beatings will bring them to their senses. But this breaks our hearts; it only makes things worse. I didn’t do that, but my son ended up in prison anyway—with a price on his head.

But then God did an amazing thing—He freed Vanneut from his cell. We had to put him somewhere to keep him safe, so we begged the Rural Ministry Training Center to accept him—no one else would take him! Through the program he was released from his addiction and graduated—with honors!

His goal now is to help others like himself. He is now on staff at a new kind of rehab center, where those who have been controlled by all sorts of substances learn to put themselves under God’s control.

My son, who I thought would be the end of me, is now a source of hope and encouragement for me and others.

Pray for Alliance workers in Cambodia reaching young adults struggling with addiction. Pray that many young people, like Vanneut, will be set free.

The Rural Ministry Training Center in Cambodia is one project selected for financial support in the 2019-2020 Alliance Women ministry year. Giving instructions are found here.

An Alliance worker

Two Responses to “Cambodia Addiction Center: Ruom’s Story”

  1. So many of our children have been ‘lost’ in the drug world. This is so encouraging to hear of one that found his way home through the mercies of God. Where there is life, there is still hope.

  2. What a beautiful story of the freedom that is found in Christ. I am so glad to support the GCF which funds our workers there.

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