Building a Family-Style Dorm

Papua, Indonesia is one of the most unsafe places in the world for females. This is due to broadly accepted cultural beliefs and attitudes that result in terrible abuse. Our own ministry survey reveals that most women in our area experience domestic physical and sexual violence and abuse. This is one of the main social topics we address on our campuses.


Our dorm program is where we are seeing progress made in combatting abusive cultural patterns. Young men are learning to respect and protect women, and our young women are finding their worth and identity. Helping our students find their identity in Christ enables them to treat each other, and themselves, with dignity—a major component of our program.

We need to build another dorm to house more at-risk high school students. Our dorms follow a family-dorm model, which helps us in this area of teaching respect for one another. Dorm parents provide a model for healthy relationships  and help shape student actions and attitudes through group discussions and shared household responsibilities. We currently have two boys-only dorms and are planning to convert them into the family-style model for this reason.


To maintain their language and culture and to support their families, students return home every three weeks during the semester, as well as for Christmas and summer breaks.


Please pray for our students and teachers as we continue to invest in their lives. Ob Anggen school now has 340 students and 50-plus teachers serving at four campuses.

Alliance Women has a goal to raise $36,500 to help fund the construction costs of a family-style dorm that will provide a safe place for students, both male and female.

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