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Ob Anggen school now has 340 students and 50-plus teachers serving at four campuses. Recently, a man broke into one of our single teacher’s rooms and held an ax to her head, saying he would kill her if she called for help. Thankfully, her apartment- mate heard some noise and came in before she was raped. The man jumped out the window, leaving his ax and phone, so we knew his identity.

A similar incident took place last year to a teacher in another village. We caught the man, took him to the police, and pressed charges. He was released a day later because his clan said they would burn the school and police station down if we proceeded with his prosecution.

In response, we shut down the school, telling parents we would open again when the man was caught, and we could process him. So, community members spent three days and nights hunting for the man until they found him and brought him back.

As we debriefed with the students about this incident, I asked my group if this behavior was a normal thing for them. “Yes, all of us have experienced something like this,” they replied.

I said, “All?”

The boys in my group agreed, “Yes, for all the girls, this is normal here.” The girls added, “This is why we love the dorm; it is a safe place and we are respected by the boys and it’s why we don’t want to go home.”

During the meeting, our high school boys spoke strongly about the need for change and how it is vital we begin respecting the women and girls in our communities.

As a follow-up to this event, the men in the community started taking this “normal thing” more seriously when they realized that allowing such behavior would shut down the school and their kids’ futures.

Please pray for our students and teachers as we continue to invest in their lives.

Alliance Women has a goal to raise $36,500 to help fund the construction  costs of a family-style dorm that will provide a safe place for students to belong.

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  1. This is a big need. Women and girls need protection. Let us pray for this new home to be built so that this will be the safe place for everyone. Praise God for her rescue from harm.

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