A Wellness Center for Young Women


In our city women have little freedom. Often, they are not allowed to pursue higher education, and they face harassment when out walking or biking.

I’ve talked with many women here who have doubts about the region’s majority religion and are interested in the good news we can offer. But it is illegal to change one’s religion or to openly share the gospel. If these women chose to follow the Son, they would be ostracized and, in some cases, suffer physical violence and be disowned. In short, their lives would be turned upside down.

In response, God has led our team to create safe spaces in this city to have spiritual conversations. We hope to foster a sense of belonging to help these women connect with other women who feel the same way. To that end, we are using initiatives such as bike riding and fitness classes to enable these young women to build meaningful relationships.


Already, God has graciously provided a location to establish a wellness program, and interest among local women is growing. Our dream is to transform it into an inviting space where they can experience the love of God.

Our wellness center will provide life-enriching services such as counseling, wellness education, and fitness classes. We are also committed to mentoring locals to sustain the work.


Please pray for the creation of this inviting space. Pray that young women will be drawn to this wellness center and will find meaningful connections through activities and spiritual conversations.

Alliance Women has set a goal to raise $13,500 for this project. Monies raised will fund necessary renovations to the center, finance the purchase of fitness equipment, furnishing and supplies, fund scholarships for fitness training and certificates, and provide salaries for five local women fitness instructors.

For more information on how you can give to this project, please visit www.alliancewomen.org/give.

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